Friday, December 27, 2013

Finding Your Genuine Voice As A Blogger

Jeff, this blogger, a real force in the blogging world, wrote something that stuck with me: 

Pick a theme. But realize readers will stick around for your voice, not your subject.

There are all kinds of blogs. We all know how important photos are to a blog. But there must be compelling words that grip and won't let go as well. For some types of blogs, I suppose.

For some bloggers, that is what works.

There are bloggers that blog about decorating or gardening or fashion. They find a niche and pretty much stay there. They give the readers what that niche calls for.

It's a safe avenue of blogging. And it's often a money maker for sure.

But then there are dreamers. They are the ones that eat and sleep writing in some form. Because they can't not do what compels them.

I think this is what Jeff meant. They stick around for your voice.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, these bloggers write in a certain way, that, if a reader came upon their words, they'd immediately know the author. Because their voice is compelling and unique. Magnetic.

Everyone has their own style.

I write in narrative. I want you to feel like you're in the room with me.

This style is not for everyone. Certainly most bloggers seem to veer away from it. It's a little too personal for a lot of folks. But it's the only way I know how to write. To immerse you in it with me.

My emotions are close to the surface. Sometimes that is not necessarily a good thing. It's kind of like straddling a fence that is cracked and about to break.

You are taking chances. Hoping that readers don't misinterpret your meaning. Because it's not always straightforward.

It's like looking at something, a form let's say, that's underneath a gauzy material. It can be interpreted differently by every person that reads it.

Whatever your style, you will find it soon after you start blogging. You will find what works for you. What readers react most positively to.

Your voice is uniquely you. Be genuine, and you will find readers that understand and embrace your style of writing. And it will bring them back to read more.

Readers will stick around for your voice, not your subject.

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