Adjusting Widths On Your Blog

If you're on Blogger, and you probably aren't reading this blog if you aren't, then you have a bevy of design options within it's interface. I can't recall when Blogger came out with the Template Designer, but it was a fantastic move on their part. And simply wonderful for us as bloggers.

I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with it. Set up a test blog. Play around. That's the best way to learn.

Most of the action goes on at the very bottom of the choices, which is Advanced. This is where you can change colors and sizes and fonts and such.

I see lots of blogs that should utilize the Adjust Widths option. When you see an ad or photo going off the side of a sidebar, then you need to go to Customize>Adjust Widths. Here is how I make sure everything is where it should be within my blog.

Set your width, and before you hit Save, scroll all the way down your blog to make sure nothing is outside the line. Once you've achieved that and everything looks as you want it to, then hit Save.

It looks very unprofessional not to have your sidebar contents fall outside the lines. So get accustomed to using this option and your blog will look much tidier.

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  1. Thanks so much Brenda for all your blog tips ! I redid my blog ( by myself for the first time :) ) by reading your posts ! Thank you !