Saturday, March 1, 2014

Changing & Customizing Templates

If you read my main blog, Cozy Little House, you will notice that it looks different. I changed templates. I am using the Picture Window template, the first one on that line of three. 

If you go look at that template, it does not look at all like my blog does. That's because of the wonderful features Blogger has in their Template Designer. 

After I switched to that template, I then went to Layout>Customize>Advanced. In Advanced, I changed all the backgrounds. I played around with different ones, until I found something pleasing. 

I also used my own color codes.You can go to W3Schools color picker, which I always use, and pick colors and get the codes that go with them. You can erase the color code that is the default, and put in your own. You can get that here. This is my go-to color code site.

So don't think if you pick another template, it necessarily has to look like it does on Blogger templates. You can tweak it to your heart's content. 

So play around. You can go over and click on one of the templates and see what your blog would look like. If you want to try it, you can hit Apply. Then after customizing it a bit, if you decide you want to try another, do. Because you can always switch it back. 

However, when switching back, all the customizations will go back to default most likely. And you'll have to play around to get it back where you want it. 

But Blogger has these for you to utilize, so play with them and see what all you can accomplish.

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