Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What To Write About On Holidays

It is dark now through the living room blinds. Dusk fell and before I knew it, I could see the lights across the street and the shape of bare tree limbs.

What does one write on their blog at Christmas? Well, I guess if you have a big family dinner and lots of children and friends, you could take a little break and blog about that. Show some family cheer.

I spent mine with the pupsters, like always. I'm not much for holiday gatherings. Judy came by to make sure I was fed properly.

I look at other blogs and there is always a nice photo and season's greetings.

The truth of the matter is, holiday time is sort of poignant. It isn't all happy. It isn't all sad. It tends to be somewhere down the middle. A little sad for the people no longer here that were in our lives last year. So there is grief to deal with. And usually births to celebrate.

Holidays are flags of emotion. There is gladness and sadness, sometimes all at the same time. All under one umbrella. All for just one day.

Tomorrow we can fold up our memories and store them back in the attic with the Christmas ornaments.

So really, there isn't any tried and true way to blog for the holidays. Just be who you are. Don't smile if you don't feel like it. Laugh if you want to. Write about the merriment or just show a photo to say it without words.

And tomorrow there will be another blog post to write.

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