Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Adding Your Signature

For years I went to Live Signature to generate my signature for the end of my posts. Then one day I got some malware and wondered if it was from there, and decided to make my own. 

There is a way to put it in your HTML, but I find it is just really easy to add it to your post as an image and not bother with that. 

I go to Picmonkey. Now Picmonkey gives you blank canvases to work on. You no longer need to have a photo to edit to get started. Click on Design. Boxes will open up. I usually choose the one that says Facebook because it is rectangular. I use it to make headers also. Next it will show canvas colors, and the default is white. Choose transparent and there will be no "box" around your signature.

Then scroll through Picmonkey's fonts. They have quite a few. Choose a font and a color that you want your font to be displayed in. 

Click Add Text. I widened my box to 48 pixels. I chose the red hex color I like, which is #CE0000, and Blackjack for the font. Type your name, or however you wish to bid adieu on your blog post. Then crop around the name you've just created. Go to Resize and play around with sizes. My signature below is sized 200 x 74 pixels. 

I save my signature to my desktop. Then when I'm finished writing a post, I just go up and click the image box and fetch it from the desktop.

That's it!

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  1. Thanks for the info, Brenda! I saw where Picmonkey had the design feature, but wasn't sure why I would need it...I see all kinds of ideas now! I've been using a signature from Live Signature, but I want to go and try something new!

  2. Great info. Once I am back home I plan to spend some time doing some work on my blog.

  3. Oh, thank you...always love finding a new way to do something that just seems to be eluding me.

    Brenda, I love this blog, I hope that more and more readers catch on to it, it's wonderful.

    Would you like to do a post on ALT titles on images one day? I'm so confused, loll.