Monday, January 20, 2014

Create Link Within Gadget Under Posts

You will see that many blogs, my other two blogs included, have thumbnail post widgets underneath posts. This is to show readers similar posts they might want to read. Which brings you even more clicks and traffic. 

Go to Link Within. Here is the website. Where it says Get Widget in the light blue box, fill out the information it calls for. Then it will generate some HTML for you to add in the Add HTML Gadget in Layout.

If you see that the number of thumbnails is not what you wanted, (maybe you want less, maybe you want more, then just go back to the website and fill out the info again. Generate new HTML and do it again. 

That's it!

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  1. I did this and it worked just great. Trouble is, the 3 posts it shows are not in any related to the post they're attached to! Is there any way to tell the widget to only choose posts with the same labels?

  2. Ah, I've always wondered about that. I have to try it.

  3. Another great idea. I receive a great many clicks from this widget. Thanks for being here. I'm excited about doing some updating to my blog soon.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner