Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Trouble With Image Mapping

What exactly are image maps? Image maps are lists of coordinates on one image, each coordinate linking to a specific URL. They are used to add multiple links to an image and often for navigation purposes. 

Image maps are often called an "easy" alternative to HTML & CSS, but a lot of that ease comes from cutting corners.

Image maps should be avoided if possible in blog design.

 Why You Should Avoid Image Maps:

1. They are not good for SEO. Search Engines have no idea what the image map is and what it contains. All they see is a huge image. If you use image maps for navigation, it probably means that your site isn't being crawled properly and you're missing out on great traffic.

2. It isn't responsive. We've learned that responsive design will be an important factor for SEO, ranking, as well as reputation.

3. Slow load times. It usually takes longer than normal for images to load not only because it usually is a large image, but also because there is a great deal of coding involved.


Alternatives to Image Maps:

If you're having second thoughts about using an image map, here are some resources for building social media buttons and navigation menus with HTML & CSS.
(Some of the sourcing for this post was taken from points made by the blog, Coding It Pretty.)
Image Map

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