Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seven Ways To Gather Info About Your Site & Others

Here are three of the online tools I use. The first is to see how fast my site is loading, the second is to troubleshoot Feedburner, and the last is an archiving system that you can check.

Pingdom is a site where you enter your blog URL and it will tell you how fast your site loads. And what is in your site that is taking the longest to load. This is separate from, as it costs you. Just go to the one that is linked at the beginning of this paragraph.

Ping Feedburner is a troubleshooting tool for Feedburner. If your site is not showing your last post, this is one way you can try to bring it up to date. It is not fool proof! But I use it quite a bit. Just go to the link and put in your URL and ping it. It immediately updates your site instead of waiting for the intervals where Feedburner has set automatic updating times.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine  is a way that the internet has gathered info from sites to archive for future generations. I put my URL in and it showed some of my old posts that I'd lost. Some months it showed nothing. Some months had more. But if you want to see what has been archived from your site, go to the above link.

Want to see how your site looks on different screens and resolutions aside from your own? Put your URL in here.

Sometimes you happen upon a website or blog and just want to know a little more information about it. The next three sites will help you do that. will give you the site owner's contact information. It will also tell you what kind of issues like support, complaint and maintenance the domain provider has provided. helps you to know whether your site is accessible from different parts of the world. It performs a DNS analysis and Traceroute for your website from 26 check points. is a website profiling service that tells you about all the technologies used in a website. Like nameservers, hosting providers, email services, CMS and advertisers. Also it lists the widgets, analytics and tracking javascript libraries, content delivery network that are in use.

Never know when you might find need for this. I would think the last one would help designers and developers.

Do you know of any other online tools to add to this list?

That's it!

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  1. Some great sites here Brenda. Thanks for putting them all together, I've clicked on a few links and had some interesting results.