Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scrolling Blog Roll

Today's tip comes to us from Jan at the blog The Comfort Of A Safe Place.

This time we're going to add a scrolling blog roll. You know, the one that gets longer by the day? Let's fix it where it takes up less space on your sidebar.

This too is in CSS. 

Go to Design>Customize>Advanced>Add CSS. 

Copy and paste the code below in the CSS box:

#BlogList1 .widget-content{height:600px; width:auto;overflow:auto;}

Hit space key. 

You can change the height if you like. 

If you see that it has worked, Save. 

I tried it earlier this morning and it did not work. Came back later, added the CSS code again, and it did. The whims of Blogger.

That's it! 

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