Sunday, March 22, 2015

Important Things To Consider In Blog Design

If someone tells you that a header/banner isn't important, they'd be lying to you. You have only a few seconds to be judged, for that reader to decide if your blog is worth scrolling. 

So how do they decide that? The first thing that comes up, and is very important, is your banner. Make it you. This is your first chance to catch that reader. Put your best foot forward. 

Do NOT use one of those third party blog templates that have all kinds of things going on in the background. It's just too busy. And unprofessional. Better to have white space. Learn to love white space. 

Make your blog easily searchable. Have a search bar close to the top of your sidebar. 

Have a date over or under your blog post or next to it. It seems to be in vogue to not use dates, but I think that is a big mistake. If a blog does not have dates, I am not going to be a reader of that blog. I want to know when the content was written.

Labels are important. Don't just splash them all over the place. Go through and edit them into what's most important. It looks unprofessional to have the number (1) next to a label. Go through your posts and relabel if you have to and try to get your number of labels down to less than say, fifty. 

Add archives. I make mine scrolling to take up less room. 

Ads are fine. We all have to eat. Just be judicious in adding them. Common sense goes a long way here. 

One thing I see that drives me crazy is that something in the sidebar goes "over" the line. You can easily adjust your blog width. This is part of blog housekeeping. You want your blog to look its best. 

Check your spelling. Try to use proper grammar. Post often. 

The more you post, the more you stay in the swing of things, and a reader knows that you are both predictable and that this blogging thing is important to you and you take it seriously. 

Make sure your content font is easily readable and big enough that a reader does not have to squint. I refuse to read blogs where reading is difficult. Keep the fonts on your blog down to three total.

Don't use those fancy curlicue fonts in your content. Use an easily readable font and I like to make it black. The blackest black is hex code number #000000.

I could go on and on. Just use your judgment as a reader of blogs to decide what your readers would like on your blog.

Everyone finds their own groove when it comes to blogging. Make sure you keep your reader first and foremost. Listen to their concerns. Be a blogger who cares what they think, and you're on your way to having a popular and successful blog.

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