Monday, March 24, 2014

Information Overload & Blogging Today

In the nearly six years I've been blogging (different blog formats, different blogs) I've seen a lot that has changed.

We use to be more of a community. Most of us were on Blogger. (I have used Typepad,,, and Blogger). So I feel I can make an adequate summation of all. 

Somewhere along the line, conferences came about. That isn't me, but it seems to make a whole lot of bloggers happy. What I see is a bunch of bloggers going to meet "the big girl bloggers" and perhaps get an autograph or "an in" to the "big girl blogger cliques." Is that condescending? I suppose it is.

I suppose some go to learn from the classes. I think it is mostly a social/I-hope-this-makes-me-a-star thing myself. 

You know that book: "Everything I Learned I Learned In Kindergarten?" Well, pretty much everything I've learned has been from googling information, doing my own research and reading books. So I'm not a good candidate for the conferences. And I'm kind of tired of people telling me the right way to blog. There is no right way to blog.

That being said, what else has changed? From what I see, more and more bloggers are teaming up and having linky parties. This does not appeal to me. In fact, when I see that it is multiple parties, I'm just not interested. Same goes with the posts I see that shows ten (just picking a number) blogger's home tours; start here!. Not interested. 

You're probably asking why? Why wouldn't I be interested in going to see the homes of ten bloggers? 

I have a limited amount of time writing three blogs. Then you've got to figure in reading blogs. I don't do social media except for Pinterest. For one I just don't care for the others. They seem like time-suckers to me. And secondly, I'm very visual and Pinterest is like looking at a magazine. (And that means I don't have to buy magazines!)

The real unadulterated reason: Information overload. 

I want to go to one blog, and read what they have to say. Look at their project or a room they've just redone or see their garden or hear about something that's happened, or a cute pet story, etc. If I have to go to ten, I can't remember who did what. And that makes everyone kind of anonymous to me because I can't recall who goes with what. I like to be able to summon up someone's name or blog and be able to remember lots of things about them, what they're home is basically like, what their pet's name is, etc. 

I'm just not a fan of these "multiple" anythings. 

Another thing: I think it is a real shame that bloggers don't just link up to a few parties. Instead now many link up to 20 or 30. There is no way they're going to "participate" the way we once did by going to the link party and reading some of the other blog posts. Putting your finger in too many pies.

Information overload.

I'm a little tired of hearing about branding and how to "grow your blog" and all that jazz. Your brand is your authentic person and your blog and its contents. That's my take anyway. Grow your blog usually means "migrating" to and joining the big girl club. I've been there. I'm not a fan. 

Then they're looking for VAs. I saw that somewhere the other day and thought of veterans of wars. Silly me. How outdated I am. After a minute I realized they meant Virtual Assistants. As in, they don't have time to do everything they need to do for their blog, and need to hire some of the job out, such as social media. They're spread too thin to get everything done. A project a day, getting over to the social media outlets to put their two cents in and be counted, etc. I just don't think I'll be doing that.

I don't know when I turned my head and all this stuff happened. But it's kind of slimy, you know? It's competition and everyone jumping over everyone elses back and it's just...

Information overload. It's doing a project a day overload. It's being in a bunch of groups who are asked to join things overload. 

Things have changed. I have had a consult with a "big blogger" before. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. The things she said I needed to do would take ten Brendas. No way could I do all that. Pin at 8 a.m. Tweet at 9 a.m. Get on Facebook and pick someone's project and say nice things at 10 a.m. You get the picture. It was all so choreographed. None of it was instantaneous and natural.

Things have changed. But, I don't give a whit about the big girl bloggers club. I wear big girl panties and that's enough for me. I'll just stick to what I do and ignore the cheerleader rah-rahs. 

You know how I got rid of the information overload? I turned the volume off and ignored the "grow your blog" stuff and  just do my own thing.

It's just too damned much overload! And to keep myself sane, I have to turn the rest of it off.

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  1. Brenda I am so glad you said all this. I just enjoy blogging and like the blogs where I make friends! Like you I want to know your name and your pets name and have a connection with your projects and your life. I don't really look at big blogger blogs and parties, they aren't the same. I visit the posts for TTF and so many have a list of 20 or more links and sometimes it fits our party but sometimes it doesn't. I just get angry and it defeats the whole purpose of people coming together for a 'party'. I appreciate yours and a few others and that's it! I don't want to grow my blog, I want like minds to visit and enjoy my blog and get to know me. So I'm happy in my little niche and glad to stay right where I am. Good post, you express what so many think and say it so well.

  2. You've spoken for so many of us, Brenda. Blogging has certainly changed through the years. I stated in 1998, probably about the time you did. Remember when we really felt a friendship with other bloggers? That has stayed with some, that includes you, but some have jumped up and down and through the loops to be a big girl blog. Some try so hard at it and their blogs have lost the 'realness'. I don't want to build my blog, I just want to blog. Well, we little girl blogs will just have to stay together. It's not the amount of followers you have that matters but if your heart is still there.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Very well said, Brenda! I try hard to do only what I enjoy with blogging, not what I feel I HAVE to do...that takes the fun out of it. The photography and writing, and communicating with others...that's the best part. I do think a blogging conference would be fun to go to, if it was nearby...but only because I would enjoy meeting other bloggers in person. Maybe that's more of a bloggers meetup, though.
    It's such a creative outlet for me, and a way to share my etsy shops. With my health issues, I'm unable to work outside the home anymore, so I'm glad to have blogging!

  4. So refreshing Brenda, a voice of reason. I've been considering blogging but everywhere I read How I must do all this stuff to be successful and then I begin to think it would just be too stressful to try. I also recently read a blog where in my opinion the poor girl is on edge of a breakdown because she hasn't made it to the big time yet...considering sending her your article.

  5. You nailed it Brenda! I feel just the way you do. I like to visit one blog and not be directed to follow the story where they're guest posting today. I have limited time to spend on the computer, so I stay away from the home tours where you visit 10 homes decorated for spring. Besides, our computer is too old to keep up with that many pages open! Right now I'm feeling pretty stressed and I'm taking a break from blogging. Living life comes first and blogging can take a back seat for now. I'll be back when life settles down a bit....if it ever does!

  6. You said it all, Brenda! Hooray!!

  7. I will second the hooray. I have to admit that I have stopped reading most of the big girl blogs. In my opinion they have become redundant and boring. I want to connect with people through my blog. I want to be authentically me, and if that doesn't appeal to the masses then that is okay, because I cherish the people that it does appeal to. So many of us are going through the same things in our lives, and I love the community that supports those things. So I will carry on at my own pace and if I never become a "big girl blog" that is okay with me. xo Laura

  8. Here's a gift card from 20 of us...if you follow us here, there, and everywhere. And Like Us, Tweet Us, etc.

    Well, how can I say that I LIKE you if I have not consistently read your blog and felt drawn back to it over time?

    And you....where DO you put your kids? It's always too perfect here.

    As to you I DO visit your blog so you don't have to pay me to come back though I don't LIKE people on FB for this sort of thing and giveaway.

    Lastly I have visited YOUR blog and left comments over and over and you never visit back, though I don't expect that every time...yet because of that when I attend a link party and see your link I just move on. So I don't want your money or gift card either.

    ( Random examples...not meaning anyone in particular...just things I've encountered during blogging over time, though I have not been at it as long as many of you :)

  9. Brenda, thank you so much for this timely post, I have had many of these same thoughts for the past few weeks and also quit following many of the "big girl" blogs. My blog is small and I struggle enough to keep it going while working a full time, demanding job, I can't keep up with all the "how to build a successful blog" criteria. Yes, your post has certainly been a voice of reason.