Thursday, April 3, 2014

Buying A Customizable Blogger Template

Somehow the other day I ran across blogger templates on Etsy that are fully customizable. What does that mean? That means that you get to use the blogger template designer to change colors, fonts, etc. I made sure mine said it could also change widths, as I have to have my ads a certain size. 

I paid $30 for this one, and you can go see it on my Cozy Little House blog. I could use it wherever I like because once you pay you get an instant download, usually have to unzip (extract files) and you're good to go. Social media icons also came in my download, but I have messed with that yet.

If you decide to do this, remember the gadgets will be all wonky and out of place till you get down to business and rearrange them in Design, same way you always do. 

I was curious to do this so I could tell you guys about it. And of course I'm just naturally curious. 

The template I bought was called Becoming Brooke. And the Etsy shop was called Blogaholic Designs. 

The black labeling you can see on my sidebar was just there automatically and took on what titles I already had there. 

It was really easy, and I've purchased templates before. But the reason I came to dislike them was because I could no longer customize them in the template designer, which I love to do. 

So when you're looking, on the left you click Customizable when you're looking for various Etsy shops. And then be sure you look at the Demo and see that it has what you want. I just wanted to make sure my widths could be altered.

I changed up some of the fonts and sizes and colors. I had to add back some things. But then when I looked down at the bottom, my ads were still there. I just didn't realize it and had already added the html back. So look up and down your sidebar to see what's where.

An ad you might be using at the bottom of your blog, like the Adsense 728 size, might show up in your sidebar. Of course you'll need to move it where it will fit. 

All in all, this didn't take very long to get it how I wanted it. And I'll play with it anyway. Good to know I can get templates with a little different look and additions and still use the template designer. 

That's it!

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  1. I guess I had just never even thought of looking for templates for Blogger elsewhere. There are some really nice ones available where you got yours. Now, I'm thinking about it! :D