Friday, April 4, 2014

Is There A Time When You Need To Switch Blogging Platforms?

I was toodling across the internet the other day and happened upon a very popular blogger's forum. I began to click around and check it out. It had blogging questions and answers as a topic. 

Imagine my dismay when I read..."I would definitely recommend starting out with Wordpress if you can. Each platform has a learning curve, but if you stick with blogging for a while you will eventually need to switch to Wordpress at some point."

Oh? Do tell? 

Now I won't name this "expert" on blogging platforms, and I did not know her. She was just chiming in on the forum. But really?

Of course this stuck in my craw, having already had the whole "you must move to WP to bring your blog to the next level" experience. It was not an experience I look upon fondly, having lost all my 1500 prior posts in the interim. I can't really blame WP for that, but if I had never switched from Blogger, of course my own stupidity, it never would have happened.

But WHY would anyone think "you will eventually need to switch to Wordpress at some point?"

Have they not heard of Joanna and her famous blog A Cup Of Joe, who has been on Blogger since day 1, despite her vast popularity and publishing endeavors? Here's her URL, by the way:

There are many talented and published authors on Blogger. It is not like stepping into the abyss. It is a good blogging platform. It has its glitches, yes, but at least you're not paying for it. And you don't have to figure out all the hosting nonsense that I had a year's worth of aggravating experience with. And don't get me started on all the other stuff.

Now I'm no expert on much of anything. I dabble in lots of things. But that statement is simply not true.

If it is, maybe she'd better email Joanna and other famous bloggers who've chosen to stay on Blogger, even though it's obvious they have the wherewithal to move to a self-hosted platform. 

Perhaps they didn't get the memo.

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  1. I have been happy with blogger and after your experience I am so glad I stayed with it. For others WP might be great, but I don't think it's a good fit for me or my blog.

  2. To each their own, but for me, I've just never seen any reason I need to move...

  3. I recently took an Introduction to Word Press adult ed course offered by our county. While I learned some useful things, it in no way prepared me to confidently start a blog--sooo much techno-babble that had me scrambling to understand the terms the instructor was using. I also found the WP website confusing. I have looked at Blogger some and it seemed much more straight-forward and simpler to set up my blog. I really appreciate your post --you have helped me make up my mind to go with Blogger. Thanks so much!

  4. Good post Brenda. My son offered to help me make the switch to WP, he has a lot of room and could host my blog at no cost to me. I might also add that he's a developer and can write whatever plug-ins I was tempting but I'm happy with Blogger.

  5. I am happy right here on Blogger. I do appreciate these tips. I am not blogging as much these days but still interested. xo, olive

  6. It doesn’t matter what platform you prefer to use. What matters is your blog content and online presence. Different platforms have different features. It depends on your business and creative style on how you’ll benefit from all of them. Thanks for your thoughts, by the way! You have a very interesting blog! :)

    Clwyd Probert