Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Adding Border To Blog Content

Here's another tip I just figured out. I wanted a black border around all of my blog content at Cozy Little House. 

Go to Design>Edit HTML (may want to backup your blog first). 

Somewhere on white of page, click CTRL and F. In the box, type .content-outer;

Just under that, type:

border: 5px solid #000000;

You can use whatever hex color you want. I wanted black, and that is the #000000. And you can make the thickness any size you want. I wanted 5px and solid. You could also use dashed or dotted.

Then I went to Customize and merely chose a green color for my background. I love how the green looks up next to the black border.

That's it! 

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1 comment:

  1. I must tell you Brenda that this is the best blogger tip ever! I use it on all my blogs off and on and my daugher's too. It totally wraps up the page nicely. Thank you so much!

    Take Care