Monday, October 20, 2014

How To Add "Read More" When Truncating Your Post

You can do it this way automatically without having to manually add it:

Or you can go into Design>Layout, your blog, where it will say blog post. Click the Edit at the bottom of this. You will see various things you can check or uncheck for your blog. To put ads in between posts, etc.

And also, you will see the "read more" check box. Check it, and when you truncate, or cut off your post, look up in the Blogger Dashboard on the line above the open space and you will see what appears to be a piece of paper that has been torn in half. Click on this and it will create a line to break up your text. And the rest will appear on the page when the reader hits on "click more."

You can also change the wording when you're in Layout for "click more." Customize it as you wish the wording to be. Remember to Save.

That's it!

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